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Has passed the first decade of the third millennium, and with it, a high competitiveness global context has been defined along with extraordinary challenges. It begins a struggle for the control in which each Country should join into a fight to respond the demand of technology transfer and progressive innovation. The value of a country, will be denoted by its ability to implement its resources in order to attend its needs; the actual model will be compromised in a complex and aggressive panorama that will question the internal paradigms of each nation; each country would use its own capabilities to generate strategies and solutions that allow him to get victorious in such a defiant environment.

Underneath the shadow of such context, Mexico defines the space sector as an strategic niche, which turns determinant the participation of his vocations of scientific and technological development. Our Country must transcend from a posture of development to a proactive innovation attitude that would allow it to enter in the aerospace sector's global context.

Some of the human and infrastructural capabilities, in our country, that are linked to the scientific and technological research in the aerospace sector, are the following:

a)      Astronomy, astrophysics and planetary research. ­­This kind of activities have had an accelerated grown in a theoretical and experimental level both in terrestrial and space platforms.

b)      Space Medical Sciences and E-Health. México has performed important contributions in this matter; its resolved attitude, has positioned him as a leader in intercontinental efforts in matters of e-health. Has made him worthy of a position to contribute with normative proposals.

c)   Space Communications. In our country, it is performed research in the fields of the fix and mobile space communication, satellite networks, IP from at elite, rural communication, spatial instrumentation, communication in new frequent bands, broadband, antennas, and in general, the ground segment, also economical aspects of the space communications and the potentialities of the satellite systems in the reduction of the "digital gap"

d)    Territory's Observation The human resources capabilities and infrastructure associated to the remote perception in Mexico are diverse. They have developed in research lines such as: marine and earths sciences and atmospheric studies; there are even integrated systems of information that use supercomputing platforms and broadband communications for the interactive real-time processing. Also, some institutions in our country keep programs related to prevention and attention of natural disasters, covering from flooding and landslides to disease spreading.

e)       Space Vehicles Nowadays, human capabilities and laboratories have allowed the development of space vehicles within the area of small satellites. In the last years, has been produced a revolution in the field of spatial vehicles, changing the paradigm with the usage of small platforms, reducing the span of development and cost. An enabler that helps emerging countries to reduce the technological gap in the space field, in order to promote the participation of industry in its technological innovation’s processes.

To face the challenges that the environment would present, Mexico must take advantage of its infrastructure and human capital capabilities, maintaining a sustainability focus that allows the creation of added value for the society and attend the imminent social problems.

The Mexican Space Agency joins to this effort and assumes the compromise of boost nationally the space activities with base in its scientific impact, social and economic; contributing with the incorporation of the country in the global context of the aerospace sector through the participation in: research, projects and pertinent space systems that contribute to the social and human development, innovating in technology and supporting global competitiveness in the sector. This premise eases the integration of the triple-helix actors in the aerospace field, providing the sector opportunities above others; easing the development of strategies, sustained in existent organisms and associations in order to achieve its goals; looking to impact in the solution of the great social, economic and security challenges in the country.

Under this precedent, the Mexican Space Agency wants to collaborate with the respective entities to support the national sovereignty, develop satellite systems (with own infrastructure and technology) and promote satellite communication initiatives in order to contribute to:The protection and sustainable management of natural resources, to generate observation systems that help in the population protection, the monitor of the border and the exclusive economic zone, to register the effects of climatic change, to detect earthquakes, to generate early warning and e-health systems, monitor the environmental pollution and increase the digital inclusion in an environment of economic sustainability.

In order to achieve the previous objectives, there will be established actions that promote the development of new knowledge, that support the regional vocations that can be linked to the technologic adoption and innovation, that encourage the creation of opportunities niches linked to the aerospace sector, that promotes the generation of a national technological development directed to solve national problems and impact in the generation of new sources of employment such as:

a)  To promote the international collaboration that impulse the practical-knowledge transfer in the area.

b)  Strengthen those efforts that have progressed in an isolated way;

c)  Promote the sciences and medicine infrastructure development in the country.

d)  Coordinate governmental efforts to establish related instances, that look forward to expand the capabilities along the federation states, basing in the regional needs and vocations; y

e)  Promote the experience’s interchange and the collaboration to reach the knowledge transfer.

Scientific and Technological Research constitutes a strategic activity because of its potential to impact the social needs, the development, the national industry growth and the competitiveness’s increase.The Mexican Space Agency acquires a role of performer and enabler to generate technology able to strengthen and promote the international collaboration and value-chain creation in the country.

Mexico, as a Nation, requires to promote the space potential in order to strengthen its scientific, industrial and technological capabilities; so that they allow him to enter in the global context, to improve the population living conditions and to promote the equal opportunities

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