Human Resources Formation

For every Nation, the development and the application of knowledge constitutes an strategic factor that has direct influence on its strengthening as State: its capabilities acquire a scope beyond the limits of a scientific perspective, making him owner of the ability of generating technological solutions capable of attend problems of big proportions.

Such process means the diffusion of a knowledge culture within the society, to induce the population toward the appropriation of a concept such as: “the space”, also to inspire the future generations to get involved, in a natural way, with the opportunities this a knowledge area provides.

In the field of spatial sciences, Mexico has an important tradition that has made its educative institutions worthy of an acknowledged prestige in the international environment. Our country has actively participated in the dissemination of knowledge, which has allowed it to generate a critical mass of human resources in areas related to aeronautics and in a minor amount linked with spatial matter. Nevertheless, a dynamic global environment is accompanied with new challenges and needs, there is a growing demand, in the sector, of human resources with more specific capabilities, factor bonded with the necessity of achieving a transition from manufacture activities toward an environment of research, design and technological development.

Underneath this context, the Mexican Space Agency assumes the challenge of participating not only on the transmission and generation of knowledge, but in the diffusion of a space culture capable of sensitize the population about the benefits of the usage of the space technologies for the country development and its applications to improve the people living; an engrained culture in the idiosyncrasy of children and the Young, that encourage them to take a path related to technologies and spatial sciences.

To develop this strategy it is necessary to execute, at the same time, a series of activities such as:

a) promotion of conventions, scientific meetings, fairs and contests in space matter;

b) To contribute with the integration of museums and knowledge dissemination centers; y

c) To interact with the educative sector in order to access the different education levels: basic, medium high and high, using pedagogical techniques and vanguard technology, in order to cultivate the familiarity with space and grow quality professionals in the sector; after all, education constitutes a vital element to promote equal opportunities, in order to reduce extreme poverty, to ensure that the entire population can participate in an economy reductive of the persistent social-cultural gaps without discrimination and in full exercise of their rights.

The Mexican Space Agency considers that, in order to boost scientific and technological competitiveness in a complex globalized environment as is space, it is essential enrich the formation of young and scientists through national and international cooperation actions, endowing them with transdisciplinary and collaborative capabilities; providing them of didactic stays, alternative subsidy and financing; putting at their reach resources and specializations directed to solve the nation requirements. Our human capital has to be able of applying the benefits of science and space technology in order to give support to social and economical problems, originated by limitations in the access to communication media, educational health and civil defense.

The Agency will be supported with programs coordinated along with the corresponding instances in order to strengthen the spatial sciences and technologies in the educational levels: undergraduate, mastery, doctorate and continued-education; as well as with the promotion of stays with institutions, research centers and national and international enterprises.

Also, it will promote the participation of expert networks in spatial science and technologies, it will support the search of financing schemes for activities such as: basic research, applied research, formation of human resources, teaching, diffusion and divulgation. It will promote links with governmental entities in order to develop multidisciplinary applications that allow the generation of proposals and actions to impulse the usage of the satellite infrastructure in high impact applications such as e-government, e-education and e-health.

The actions proposed by the Mexican Space Agency accelerate the participation of Mexico in a space context, enhance the figure of the Mexican State, they drive the country to reach a sustainable economic growth and a competitive economy, job generator and respectful of the environment.

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